CLEVELAND -- A couple weeks ago, we told you about a Cleveland State student who was facing homelessness.

Like so many other foster children, he aged out of the system with no family and no support.

Dylan McIntosh was going to be forced out of a room he was renting, and he had no place to go. He was looking into homeless shelters.

After we told his story, Channel 3 viewers reached out to him, and he has a home for the holidays.

"I am so grateful. It is amazing," says Dylan. He is living in an apartment rent-free because he is the building manager.

"I finally have something of my own," says Dylan, who lived in 23 different foster homes as a child. He is also in his second year at Cleveland State and just learned that he passed all of his classes.

Only 3 percent of foster children graduate from college, while 70 percent says they want to go to college. Dylan is an exception.

We took him a Christmas tree for his apartment. It is his first tree for the holidays.

He is still working on getting furniture, but already he has kitchen supplies from Fill the House, a nonprofit that donated to him.

If you would like more information on how to help foster children who have aged out of the system or help Dylan with furniture, you can email beth@thedevelopmentproject.org.

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