WKYC legendary broadcaster, Del Donahoo, has passed away at the age of 90. To remember Del, we've assembled a collection of some of his classic stories.

Del Donahoo: Broadcasting legend dies at age 90

Gallery: Del Through the Years

Here is just a small sampling of stories from Del's legendary career.

Del's Folks Classic: Ghost Inn

Del takes us to a restaurant with an uninvited guest.

Del's Folks Classic: Sister Evangeline

Del visit Sister Evangeline at the Lady of The Elms Convent in Akron where she gets inspiration for her art from above.

Del's Folk Classic: Magic Shop

Del hops in the Folkswagon and travels to Cleveland Heights to a magic store that leaves everything to the imagination.

Del's Folks Classic: Civil War Cornfield

Del's travels to Wayne County for an historic Civil war cornfield.

Del's Folks Classic: American Toy Marble Museum

Del steers the Folkswagon straight to Akron and the home of toy marbles.

Del's Folks Classic: The Boomerang Man

One Lorain County man becomes an authority on building the boomerang.

Del's Folks Classic: The Nut Farmer

Del heads to Wayne County to visit nut farmer Russell Yoder, a leading authority on nut growing.

Del's Folks Classic: Bottlecaps

Big Creek School in Middleburg Heights is Del's next stop for a rare collection of bottle caps.

Del's Folks Classic: Sleigh Ride

Del visits a place where Belgium Sleigh horses take riders on wintertime ride.

Del's Folks Classic: Rag Time Piano

Del's Folks Classic brings you to this popular Tuscarawas County restaurant that featured am 86 year old rag time piano.

Del's Folks Classic: Hummingbirds

Del travels to Ashland County to welcome the return of the hummingbirds for another summer at "Hummingbird Haven."

Del's Folks Classic: Doughnut Teacher

Del's found one math teacher who moved from the classroom to making the doughnuts on Portage Road in North Canton.

Del's Folks Classic: Eggery

Del finds one lady in Kent who makes eggery her prime passion.

Del's Folks Classic: Canal Boat

Del takes a trip along the Ohio/Erie Canal to re-live the past.

Del's Folks Classic: Bob Feller Museum

Del heads to the Bob Feller Museum in Iowa to share the career of one of the Indians' greatest players.

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