Doing what he loves, Joe Dauria has been working at a Shaker Heights barber shop for decades.


In this day and age, folks tend to work at one job for a few years before moving on, but that's not the case for Joe Dauria.

The 69-year-old has been working at a Shaker Heights barber shop for 50 years.

Dauria started his career at Fratantonios when he was 18, and years later he still has no plans of retiring, if he stays healthy.

"I'd like to go another ten for sure," Dauria tells Channel 3's Hilary Golston… "and then see how I feel."

Dauria began working two years after the Shaker Heights mainstay opened. It's a place that loyal customers have been patronizing for years, like Dauria's client Dan Borison. "It's like Cheers," Borison tells Golston. "I mean, it's a friendly place."

"He's got great hair... great hair... not gray," Dauria jokes about Borison. "You just form a bond with people." Besides the warm environment, the connection has kept the local doctor coming back to Fratatonios for two decades. The barbershop experience has also become a generational one.

"I hope he's here another 10, 20 years," Borison wishes. "I hope he's doing my grandchildren's hair. He does my son's now... two of my son's… maybe he'll do my grandchildren's someday."

Even famous people have been calling Fratatonios their barbershop of choice for years and Dauria has brushed shoulders with many of them.

Former Ohio Governor and US Senator George Voinovich and former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell were among his customers.

Modell, infamously known for taking the Browns out of Cleveland, reportedly confided in Dauria about his predicament. "I'll give you the low down," Dauria tells Golston. "Mayor White gave everything to Jacobs for the baseball stadium and Art was stuck holding the bag. All he wanted was the old stadium renovated... and Jacobs wasn't doing anything… so Art picked up his toys and moved to Baltimore."

Dauria's inviting countenance and easy laugh make many people open up, but in modesty the veteran hair-cutter reports that just part of the old saying "telephone, 'tele-woman' and 'tele- barber.'"

Sandy, Dauria's wife, his two children and three grandchildren get all the credit in years of stamina and success.

However, the work of a simple trim and snip has been satisfying as well. "The first thing is, you have to love what you do," Dauria surmises. "If you enjoy what you do, it's a lot easier to work… and I enjoy what I do."

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