NEW YORK -- The days of the late night talk show wars appear to be over. The competition for ratings is still stiff, but the show that is looser and more fun appears to be the one viewers are connecting with these days.

With Jay out, Letterman leaving, Colbert entering, Ferguson exiting and Jimmy and Seth settling, the upheaval is good news for NBC's new 12:35 guy.

"I wouldn't start at all if not for the upheaval. Change is why I have the job," Seth Meyers tells Channel 3's Chris Tye.

His new show, Late Night, is right down the hall from his old show, Saturday Night Live. But this time, his name is above the marquee.

"You learn a little bit about everything at SNL, and i think a good late night show is a little bit of everything. The hardest part of the transition? My job at SNL was to put my own ego aside, and part of this job is to remember, I have to have a good show for it to be a good show."

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Watch Chris' full interview with Seth Meyers, shot last month in Pittsburgh, below:

July 30, 2014: Chris Tye's full one-on-one interview with Seth Meyers. WKYC-TV

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