AKRON -- Everyone should have the opportunity to be active and healthy, including those with disabilities. That is the dream of one local organization which is making a big impact through sports. Adaptive Sports of Ohio is letting people 'See the possible.'

"Anybody can do anything they want to. As long as they put their mind to it," said Elizabeth Mayberry.

Elizabeth Mayberry is trying wheelchair basketball for the first time.

"I like it a lot. It's a lot of fun," said Mayberry.

A clinic at the Akron YMCA is introducing people with disabilities to wheelchair basketball and power wheelchair soccer. Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio puts on events like this one across the state. Lisa Followay, ASPO's executive director, began the organization after see the impact playing sports had on her son, Casey, who was born with spina bifida.

"As soon as he started participating, we saw improvements not only in his physical health but also his social and emotional well being," said Lisa Followay.

"People with disabilities think that they can't do anything sports-wise because they don't know what is out there. This is any opportunity to show them there is stuff that you can do," said Casey Followay.

Adaptive Sports offers 11 different activities, including archery, sled hockey and wheelchair rugby.

"You get to show your competitiveness and play with other kids that have the similar disabilities as you," said Casey Followay.

The Smenner family drove from Toledo to check out the fun.

"I always wanted to play soccer and since I can't walk, and I heard about this, I figured I can come check it out. Going out there and whipping the ball around, I mean, it's fun," said Conor Smenner.

"It's awesome, you know, Our area doesn't have something like this so that's other reason we were here to check it out tot see if we can bring to back to our community," said Wendy Smenner, Conor's mother.

These sports are changing lives and minds.

"We are seeing a shift in the perception of people with disabilities and sports is a big way of helping accomplish that," said Lisa Followay.

Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio is based out of Wooster, Ohio. For a schedule of events, or if you want to get involved, check out their website HERE.

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