CLEVELAND -- Lisa Reed's Garden of Flavor brand juices sell for $8 a bottle or $45 for a one day juice cleanse six pack. I wanted to know if I could make it myself at home.

First I had to buy a juicer, which cost me $200. Then I had to go shopping. My local grocery store had most of the organic greens I needed but, if I were to attempt to make all six juices, I would have had to travel to different stores. Eating up time, gas and money.

I decided to just try and replicate Reed's Mean Green juice. What I needed was listed on the bottle.

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I spent $20.06 for the ingredients. Then I had to clean them thoroughly. Once that was done, I realized something. I had no idea how much of each I needed to make the juice. I decided to wing it and hope I got it right.

Total time was 25 minutes to shop, 45 minutes to prep, juice and clean. When all was done, my $20 left me with two and a half bottles of Mean Green. The price was equivalent to Reed's juice. Mine tasted a little more potent because I didn't add water.

Reed's was slightly more refreshing.

Bottom line, it can be done if you want to take the time.

"It is a commitment so you're going to have to find all of the fruits and vegetables, clean them, get them ready, have a juicer and prepare them. People can do it at home but i think it's a lot of energy and that energy may be sucked away from wanting to be healthier," says Cleveland Clinic nutritionist Laura Jeffers, RD.

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