This week's "Moe Knows" kicks off with a question regarding our nose.

Mz. Michelle sent us this tweet: "Why do I sneeze about four to five times in a row every time?"

Great question!

Being a "multiple sneezer" is simply in your nature.

"Depending on how much histamine the body produces, that's how much sneezing you have," says Dr. Sam Friedlander with University Hospitals.

It's all part of your genetics. Histamine is actually a biologically active substance in your cells. It isn't pollen or dust, but it reacts to triggers like pollen.

So a single sneezer and a multiple sneezer can be in the same room with the same pollen, "But in that specific individual that produces a lot of histamine, you're going to sneeze, sneeze, sneeze," says Dr. Friedlander.


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