CLEVELAND – The Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University 2013 Football Helmet Rating System hangs in every single NFL locker room across the country. Players can find their helmet and be aware of how it fares on the 5-star scale.

But former Cleveland Brown, Josh Cribbs says from the NFL on down, too many players are still caught up in looks, rather than function.

Cribbs said, "I did it myself, I wore the helmet that looked the best. Even in the NFL I wore the helmet that looked the best that made me look the best in the mirror. That shouldn't be the case, especially at the high school level."

Today that's not the case. A concussion in 2012 prompted Cribbs to re-evaluate his helmet and now wears one with a 5 star rating. He's hoping younger players will do the same and put safety over looks.

"If you plan on having any type of career. If you plan on enjoying your family take care of your body now."

You can find out how your helmet ranks by texting the word "HELMET" to 2-5-5-4-3 and we'll send you a link to the rankings.You can also access that information HERE:

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