CLEVELAND -- Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty is adding another weapon to fight the spreading deadly heroin epidemic.

He is launching a heroin awareness campaign called "Let's Face It."

An ad campaign will start appearing on Cleveland's major TV stations next week.

And there's an information website called LetsFaceHeroin

Heroin overdoses killed about 200 Cuyahoga County residents last year. The majority of victims were from the suburbs.

That's more than the total number of deaths caused by car accidents, fires, suicides and homicides.

"This is a battle that our community has to fight on many fronts," he said.

Producers Bob Stefanov and Kelley Hynds collaborated on creating the ads.

They mix personal stories with information and statistics.

"The call to action is what for our community? Going to the streets to stop it? No, the call to action is to educate yourself so you can stop and stem this in your home, schools and wherever you are hanging out out. Knowledge is the key," Stefanov said.

The ads will run through April. McGinty hoped TV stations would also run some ads as free public service spots.

The campaign is funded by a portion of monies from the general forfeiture fund because, by law, some of that money must be used for community education.

Channel 3 will continue to closely cover the heroin epidemic and efforts to curb it.

Previous coverage can be viewed at\local\heroin.

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