NORTHEAST OHIO -- The victim who was sprayed internally with the same chemical used in drain cleaners says there was panic, hollering and tension in the medical office moments after she complained about burning and pain.

According to a lawsuit filed against Paragon Health, Dr. John Black and unnamed employees, Dr. Black exited the examination room in a state of panic and started rifling through cabinets.

"I heard voices in the hallway getting louder and I clearly hear the physician say something that strong should never be used, and then it's muffled," Laura said.

The North Canton woman says she was sprayed internally with potassium during a routine gynecological exam. Potassium hydroxide is a toxic chemical typically used in drain cleaners to unclog drains and pipes.

Paragaon, in a written response to the lawsuit, said Dr. Black sprayed what he thought was a vinegar solution, which is a common liquid used in such exams.

Laura says she was shocked that she was allowed to leave the office when she was still in pain and when the office had not identified the liquid that was used on her.

"The doctor should have said 'hold on, let's test this bottle.' I shouldn't have gone anywhere until they figured that out," Laura said.

Her husband, Paul, believes it was irresponsible of Paragon to send Laura on her way. "They numb her up and send her home and say 'call me next week.' Call me next week?" he said.

According to the lawsuit, Paragon contacted Laura within hours of her leaving their offices instructing her to report to the emergency room at Akron General hospital where one of their doctors would examine her. The Paragon doctor, they said, never showed up.

Laura was in extreme pain, and during the exam, doctors at Akron General found a plastic cap to a saline bottle lodged behind her cervix.

The couple is livid that it took eight days for Paragon to do a chemical analysis of the liquid. "There was no rush placed on the analysis," said Paul.

Paragon has not returned phone calls from channel 3 news, but denies virtually all allegations in the lawsuit.

Laura says she has seen 15 doctors over 30 times since the incident happened in May 2012. She says she continues to experience extreme pain and will likely need a hysterectomy.

The couple had hoped to have a third child.