BEDFORD -- We have continuing coverage on the possible corruption probe in the City of Bedford.

As we were first to report Friday on, several city officials have been subpoenaed.

Now we've uncovered another grand jury subpoena.

This subpoena names a woman who has been arrested on charges of prostitution, a woman who may be connected to what appears to be that ongoing investigation in Bedford.

James Walsh, 71, of Willoughby Hills, charged with money laundering and promoting prostitution, had nothing to say to our cameras when we showed up for his pretrial hearing Tuesday morning. All Walsh would say was "Just go away."

But while he's staying tight-lipped, Channel 3 is piecing together why.

Everyone, from local police to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty, wants to know who was visiting his alleged brothel in the Walsh Professional Building on Northfield Road in Bedford.

And we know that client list will be extensive.

Police say Walsh kept "meticulous" records, and hundreds of those "johns" apparently paid for those advertised "massage" services with credit cards.

Back on Sept. 30, police raided his commercial building, the Walsh Professional Center.

And, as it turns out, one of the women, Lisa Marie Goforth, 32, who, according to police, worked as a prostitute at a "commercial building" associated with Walsh, is now under the microscope and possibly connected to the corruption probe that's going on in Bedford.

Channel 3 has obtained a grand jury subpoena, requesting all criminal records for Goforth.

That subpoena came just five days after McGinty addressed Cuyahoga County Council, saying: "You've seen a couple of recent massage parlor, brothel-type operations we've shut down. And there will be some corruption arrests coming out of those shortly."

Six days after that statement from McGinty, the county filed another grand jury subpoena, this time requesting Bedford Municipal Court Judge Harry J. Jacob III's court docket dated Nov. 7.

A few days after that, Jacob took an abrupt and "indefinite" medical leave of absence.

After digging through court documents, we discovered that Goforth has appeared at least twice before Jacob.

When Channel 3 knocked on Jacob's door for comment, the person seen inside the home immediately shut the blinds.

So even though Jacob and Walsh aren't talking, one thing we do know, at least according to McGinty, corruption arrests are on the way.

Also, our sources tell us that investigators from McGinty's office visited Bedford Court Nov. 15 and removed files from Jacob's office.

However, while Channel 3 has tried to confirm that information through official channels, McGinty's spokesperson Joe Frolik has repeatedly said they "...cannot confirm or discuss any possible investigations."

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