CLEVELAND -- Federal investigators delving into the behavior, training, supervision and alleged use of excessive force by Cleveland Police got a double dose of reality this week.

They were here during the same week that two, non-fatal police shootings happened.

They've been on their mission since March, invited in by Mayor Frank Jackson.

Police Chief Mike McGrath was interviewed at the scene of Tuesday night's West Side shooting.

Detectives working on a burglary investigation involving weapons chased a suspect to a carryout gas station.

The suspect allegedly aimed a weapon at one of the officers, who fired, wounding the suspect.

"They're here. We've had a shooting. They come out to the scene. They see how we work," McGrath told reporters on the scene.

Monday night, an officer was almost hit by a stolen van and fired, wounding the suspect.

The investigation is being done partly by staff attorneys in the U.S. Attorney's office here and partly by a team of Justice Department lawyers from the Civil Rights division in Washington D.C., and law enforcement consultants.

The D.C. team flies in about one week every other month. The probe is expected to be done next year.

It's still in the fact-finding stage.

"They'll assess it and tell us whether we're doing the proper thing or not doing the proper thing in our investigating," McGrath said.

Investigators have held large and small meetings letting residents and group members talk about their experiences with police.

What residents, police, city officials and victim's family are expecting in a matter of days or weeks is the grand jury's determination whether or not to charge the 13 officers who fired 137 shots, killing unarmed suspects Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell last November after a crosstown chase.

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