NORTHEAST OHIO -- Road rage. It only seems to be getting worse in Ohio and across the country.

A review of Ohio Highway Patrol records found 129 cases of road rage in 2011. A year later, the number of cases jumped to 158. And it doesn't help matters that we're approaching the hectic and stressful holiday travel season.

An Avon man is recovering from injuries he suffered when another motorist pulled out a hammer and started pounding him at the intersection of Columbia and Detroit roads in Westlake. Callers to 911 reported seeing blood on the road.

In Columbus, surveillance video captured a couple knocking another motorist to the ground following a dispute at a gas station parking lot.

Explosive tempers have resulted in 218 murders and 12,610 injuries nationwide over a seven-year period.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that firearms are used in 37 percent of all road rage cases.

A truck driver appearing at Cleveland traffic court couldn't believe that another trucker slammed into his vehicle, then chased him three miles when he felt the trucker deliberately cut him off.

"They were trying to run me off the road, and the passenger was hanging out the window punching my truck," he said.

State records show that motorists often aim guns at other vehicles, fire paint balls at cars, force people off the road into ditches, and hurl all sorts of objects, cracking windshields.

Police warn there is a difference between aggressive driving and road rage. Aggressive driving is usually a traffic offense but road rage results in a criminal charge.

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