As the federal investigation continues into Pilot Flying J, there's been talk about what possible charges CEO Jimmy Haslam could face if this case goes to a grand jury.

First, there's racketeering, which is a person who commits crimes such as extortion, loan-sharking, bribery and/or obstruction of justice in furtherance of illegal business activities.

"The goal of a racketeering prosecution is to get the guys at the top. And they use the guys at the bottom and in the middle against the guys at the top," says former federal prosecutor Dean Valore.

One of the accusations is mail fraud, where someone uses the mail to defraud someone else out of money or property.

Another possible charge could be wire fraud, which is defrauding someone out of money through electronic communications. Finally, there could be charges of breach of contract.

Valore says mail and wire fraud are relatively easy to prove and carry heavy penalties.

"The government, at the end of the day, will add up all the financial numbers and say, here's the amount of money that was defrauded. And then they will look at a chart in a book and say, if it's between $500,000 and $750,000, then it's this many years in prison," says Valore.

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