College kids starting back to school might be renting an apartment instead of a dorm room. A few dollars out of your pocket a month for renters insurance could not only protect you but save you more money in the long run. Renters insurance is an added expense on top of monthly rent. But most college students or home renters forget to add it on. The insurance runs about $15 a month in most cases. And it covers expensive items, like laptops and electronics. And it also protects you from a potential lawsuit if there's an accident in the apartment.

Officials are warning customers against eating black licorice candy made by a California company. Apparently, the Red Vines Black licorice twists contain high levels of lead. This is only a certain batch. The package says its best before February 2, 2013. Pregnant women and parents of small children should toss it out.

Americans may have a love-hate relationship with credit cards, but a new survey says there's one card that customers tend to love a little more. American Express customers responded most favorably to a credit card satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. They were asked about the credit card company's terms, billing and payment process, rewards, and help solving problems. Amex got top scores in all the categories, but Discover Card wasn't far behind.