Twinsburg native Anthony Paul was knocked out of NBC's hit show "The Voice" Tuesday night.

His version of the song "The Other Side" by Jason Derulo was not enough to stay alive.

He had been eliminated two weeks ago before Aguilera "stole" him - keeping him the contest for a while longer.

On Twitter Tuesday night Paul said: "I cannot explain how grateful I am and I cannot do anything without the support of my amazing family, friends community and fans....."

On another tweet he says "first of all, in my opinion that was my worst performance ever, and the fact that I still have so much support is incredible."

His friends who sang with him at Twinsburg High School continue to sing his praises.

"We all know how talented he is, how hard of a worker he is, and we know he'll never give up on what he wants to do," says Twinsburg Junior Nicole Ostrowski. "It will not be the end of Anthony Paul."

"I think he'll pursue his music career, and he should," says sophomore Alec Albright. "Because it's his passion, he's so talented, and it'd be such a waste if he stopped it right there."

Indeed he remains on that track, Anthony Paul is back at college, studying music in suburban Chicago.