CLEVELAND -- A group of talented Clevelanders are making their major motion picture debut in a way they never imagined.

Since opening this past weekend, "Bad Grandpa" continues to be the No. 1 movie in the country, already raking in more than $32 million.

Several professional musicans agreed to sing gospel at a Chargin Falls funeral last October. Little did they know this year it would be on the big screen in Johnny Knoxville's latest Jackass production.

"They told me it was a funeral, and a family that didn't have much family," said Lacretia Bolden. "She loved gospel music."

The song request? "It's a little different for a funeral. 'Precious Lord' or 'Amazing Grace' (are common)," said Bolden. "But 'I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart' was a little far."

The scene stealer: When the woman, Bad Grandpa's wife, rolled out of the casket in a mid-service brawl.

"The best part was when she fell out of that casket. That was … it was unexplainable," said Bolden.

"After the casket, actually started teetering, I began to think, wow, like this is someone's mother," said Marvin Colston, "You know, could be my mother. Wow. Oh my God. She's going to fall. Oh my God."

"I never saw the body hit the floor. I actually got up and ran out. If you see the person get up and run, that's me," said Bolden. "I didn't know what to think, I was just like, 'Let's make a new exit because it's time to go.' "

When the service ended, mannequin on the floor and all, they were finally let in on the prank.

"He just said … 'Cut, you have just been filmed in a Johnny Knoxville movie.' And we all … we lost it," said Bolden. "I don't know how they chose Cleveland, but we're glad they did."

The group hasn't seen royalties from the film yet, but they are hoping the contracts they signed will provide a little based on the film's success.