Who struck and killed 5-year-old Israel Thornton? It's been five days since that tragic hit-and-run and still, police have no suspect and only these grainy photos of the driver's car, taken from inside a nearby school bus.

But tipsters from around the country are now weighing in. On the website "Jalopnik," which is dedicated to car enthusiasts, a plea to help identify the car's make and model.

We took the most compelling images to Cleveland police.

Police say they are actively following all tips and leads but even after looking at these pictures, do not want to identify a specific kind of car.

"We don't want to tie in to a certain vehicle. We want to tie in to the suspect's vehicle," says Sgt. Sammy Morris.

But with so many car experts certain that this is a Kia Sorrento, we wanted to see what a Kia expert had to say. Tony Black with Spitzer Kia looked at every image and told us it looks similar to several different kinds of SUVs.

Again, very little information to help solve this crime, but when we told Israel's aunt, Keiyana Simmons, that not only were Cleveland police working to identify the car, but also countless bloggers from all over the country, she was touched.

"I'm really grateful, really grateful. The support we are getting is awesome. It makes the grieving more bearable," she said.

If you have any information that might help solve this case, please call Cleveland police.