The city of Macedonia is getting ready to file a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern in hopes of making a 100-year-old bridge safe for drivers.

The mayor says the railroad is finally listening -- thanks to Channel 3's coverage.

The decaying bridge dates back to 1899. The sandstone blocks are cracking, some are even missing.

Back in June, pieces of a 100-pound chunk fell down in front of the car of John Hnottavange's mother.

"Of course you think of what could have happened. Thank God the worst didn't happen -- falling onto the vehicle, coming through the passenger door, it could have happened, sure. I'm just thankful that was all the damage that was caused," Hnottavange said.

The bridge closed while the railroad put up chicken wire around the walls. The city says that's not enough.

"It's just a band-aid. It doesn't fix anything. It only prevents loose material from falling on the road," said city Engineer Nick Fini.

Norfolk Southern turned over structural plans for the foundation but claims they don't have plans for the top. Without all the information, the city doesn't know if the bridge needs to be completely replaced or just fixed.

They're getting ready to file a lawsuit as early as Nov. 1, even though Norfolk Southern is cooperating.

"Because of Channel 3 we actually got results from the railroad. They have contacted our law department and are going to sit down and negotiate," said Mayor Don Kuchta.

Hnottavange is grateful that something might soon be done to fix the aging bridge. He doesn't want what happened to his mom to happen to anyone else.

"This is long overdue. This bridge need to be repaired, needs to be replaced so vehicles can travel through here. Look at all the vehicles that pass through here -- our residents are what matter. Let's keep it safe for them," said Hnottavange.

The law departments for both the city and railroad plan to meet in the near future, although a date has not been set. The city has already paid to revamp two other bridges. They say it's time for Norfolk Southern to fix this one.