Students cheer loudly for opposing coach who kept them safe during shooting.


Chardon -- In February 2011 he was the face of heroism by forcing Chardon High School shooter TJ Lane out of the building. He never considered himself a hero, but Sports Illustrated, "60 Minutes" and his students and peers all did.

Now, twenty-months later and Frank Hall finds himself in a familiar place with a very different title.

Friday night Hall came back to Chardon High School for the first time as the head coach of an opposing football team.

The one-time Chardon coach and a study hall teacher now serves as head coach of Lakeside High School in Ashtabula. The two squared off for senior night, and it got emotional at times.

"Coming back here, this is a special place, with a lot of people I care deeply about," Hall told Channel 3. "But playing them is like playing your big brother -- you care about them, but you still want to beat them!"

At halftime he was honored at mid-field as a banner thanking him for his heroics was unfurled by students.

"He may not declare him a hero, but he most certainly is," says resident Kathy Baird. "He was there when we needed him most. We love having him back, even if it is on the other side of the field."

"He is the personification of being a teacher," says former coach Ed Ferrall. "He doesn't declare himself a hero -- that is our role."

Cameras were there Friday night for "60 Minutes", the CBS Newsmagazine is planning a profile on the coach later this Fall.