The biggest races on Tuesday's ballot involve mayors.

Mayor Frank Jackson is facing businessman Ken Lanci, hoping for a third term.

There are interesting mayor's races in Beachwood, Brook Park and Bay Village. How will those races turn out?

Is this a good year for incumbents or challengers?

There are many key issues on the ballot. But in an off-year election, voters don't seem excited.

Why don't voters care more about issues that more directly impact them then federal or state races?

Ohio State's been stonewalling media requests for information about a significant investment involving a fund set up by a former member of John Kasich's team.

Is there some suggestion of inside influence? Why isn't the university being more forthcoming?

The Cleveland Indians are surveying fans on their feelings about the future of Chief Wahoo. How will the team approach a possible change? What are the factors involved?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Dealer columnist Mark Naymik and Republican former State Representative and member of Indians-owning family Matt Dolan on this edition of Between the Lines.