An inside look at Michelle Knight's exclusive one-on-one interview with Dr. Phil.


Michelle Knight's story and face is known world wide. But it hasn't always been that way. As Dr. Phil pointed out in his exclusive interview, she was the one no one was looking for.

Missing posters were plastered all over Cleveland with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus's pictures. But none hung for Michelle Knight.

In fact, her missing persons profile was removed from a federal database years earlier because investigators couldn't confirm with her family and friends that she was still missing. She was, in some ways, forgotten. In other ways, misunderstood. Having to spend more time in the hospital after being found, many assumed she was weaker.

But her brother, Freddy, knew otherwise, telling Channel 3 back in May, all he wanted to do was give his sister a bear hug.

"The way she is, you can't do that really. And you have to respect my sister, a lot. What she did, what she's been through, she's safe now," says Freddy Knight.

Before we even knew who Michelle Knight was, her long-lost brother described her strength. And when she came out into the community, she proved her resilience again and again.

Ariel Castro's first kidnapping victim, Michelle Knight, has called her 11 years in captivity hell. For the first time, she's detailing the abuse in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil.