Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight talked to Dr. Phil in an interview that will air at 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday on Channel 3.

Channel 3's Russ Mitchell had the chance to speak with Dr. Phil at the location of the interview just minutes after he and Michelle wrapped up their conversation.

Russ asked him how Michelle is doing now.

"She is doing amazingly well, given what she has been through. People know some of what took place in that house of horrors. We now know a lot about what took place from her point of view, and given what she's been through, it's just astounding what she's been able to pull together in this time. And there are so many misconceptions out there about this woman that are going to be set straight starting today," he said.

Russ asked: "When it comes to Michelle's recovery -- and is recovery the right word there --

-- when it comes to recovery, what's it going take for her to get back to a place where she wants to be?

Dr. Phil responds: "I think that's a fair word."

"We often say time heals all wounds, and time helps, but what's more important is what happens in that time. Six months or a year of doing the right thing, can be more valuable than 10 years of doing nothing or the wrong thing. This is not a woman that is coming out playing the victim. This is not a woman that is coming out feeling sorry for herself. This is woman that gets offended if you treat her like a victim," he said.