People in Cuyahoga Falls are still in shock. Late Wednesday they found out that Schwebel's bread baking facility would be closing.

Now they are taking deep breaths and enjoying the smell of breaking bread while it lasts.

"It's the staple of our town. Everybody knows where the Schwebel's plant is," says Bridget Neidert.

The company announced late Wednesday that it will be closing the bread baking building sometime next year, which means the "freshness express" will no longer cruise down Broad and Main streets, and neither will the warm and comforting smells of baking bread. Which isn't all bad news for Daniel Means, "I've been trying to cut carbs so it's probably good for me. But yeah, it does smell good."

So if you are carb averse like Daniel, you can soon breathe a little deeper. We're told all bread baking duties will soon be transferred to the more modern Solon facility. Schwebel's is hoping the move will help them make a bit more dough because, right now, the company is only using 35 percent of this massive space in Cuyahoga Falls.

We went to Mayor Don Robart to find out how to move will affect the city.

He tells Channel 3 that Schwebel's is not one of the city's top 12 employers, so the city won't suffer a big economic loss. And most of the company's 140 employees will be offered transfers to the Solon plant. But while this may not be a significant economic blow, it certainly is a sentimental one.

"Schwebel's is just a sign of home. As long as I can remember, coming home from Hopkins airport and smelling the smells of home," says Victoria Burdette.

There is no word right now as to what this building will become in the future