It has been about a week since drastic cuts to the nation's food stamp program took affect impacting some 47 million Americans, including families in Northeast Ohio.

Now forced to do even more with less, a lot of Ohio families are now making ends meet with the help of local food pantries.

This week alone the Maple Heights food pantry has seen their numbers double and they expect this trend to continue.

"The demand is growing we are constantly getting new people to sign up that have either been recently laid off unemployed," explained Linda Vopat, Director of Human Services for Maple Heights. "Now with the cuts to the food stamps program the SNAP program we are seeing people coming more frequently asking if they can shop more than one day a week and we just don't have enough product for them."

The Maple Heights food pantry serves nearly 450 families a week.

JoAnna Rysh says she can only support her family on food stamps for three weeks out of the month, and relies on the Maple Heights food pantry for the rest.

"I have two kids and me and my husband and it helps us out immensely…because it's the only way we're able to make it to the end of the month before we have to start again," explained Rysh.

However as more families turn to food pantries for extra help, city administrators realize they will have to make adjustments to meet the growing demand.

"We are trying to serve all segments of our community and trying to do the best we can for them and get them through these difficult times," said Vopat. "We are going to have to be creative in how we either get more donations to our programs so we can go out and supplement what we get from the Cleveland Food Bank and Cleveland Hunger Network."