President Barack Obama will visit Cleveland on Thursday, and he is scheduled to make a speech at the ArcelorMittal steel mill.

In the valley dividing the east and west side of Cleveland, ArcelorMittal sits, a historic steel plant paving the way for the steel industry's future. It's one of the only plants to produce the new advanced high-strain steel, and it does it quicker and more efficiently than any other plant in the world.

But that wasn't the story just a few years ago.

"At one time, if you check your history, under LTV in 2001, our plant was shut down, and no one ever gave us a chance of coming back," says Dan Boone, vice president of United Steel Workers Local 979.

But ArcelorMittal did come back, and it came back strong. The mill has 1,800 employees and is growing. It's an example of manufacturing in America in 2013.

And Obama wants to show it off.

"It's a really big event for us. It's the first time any of us can recollect a sitting president coming to visit the plant," says Boone.

Boone says the president is expected to tour the hot dip line and then address the workers.

The steel mill has been under security sweeps, and employees have already been vetted.