Neighbors living in West Park are on the lookout for vandals who have been smashing car windows.

Police say as many as 65 cars have been hit. But that number could jump to as many as 100.

Neighbors want the vandals caught.

Guardian Auto Glass is busier than ever repairing shattered windows around the West Park area.

"Pretty busy. We are already busy, and I think we've already done 12 to 14 jobs in the last couple days, and we have some lined up for tomorrow, so it's busy," said Randall Smith.

It's an all-too-familiar scene along Montrose Avenue -- the hardest hit in the area.

Sue Freeman just moved to Cleveland from Virginia last week. She woke up to shattered glass all over her front seat. Police told her she was the 70th victim.

"It's a surprise, but everyone in Cleveland has been overwhelmingly nice to me," said Freeman.

Like Sue, neighbors say they didn't hear anything, and they're not missing any valuables. Looking at the damage, it's hard to know what broke the windows. Police suspect pellet guns. Whatever it was, neighbors are changing where they park their cars.

"That car was parked on the street, and that's what happened, and now we don't leave it on the street anymore because it may happen over and over again, who knows," said Oleh Moroz.

One neighbor has a security camera mounted outside the house. Folks living out here hope it can help catch the vandals who made such a mess.

Police have not given an official description of any suspects. However, neighbors say they were told to look out for two men with beards driving a large, white SUV.