CLEVELAND -- The Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland will go green on Nov. 17 in honor of National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.

"Homeless youth look different than homeless adults and are virtually invisible to most people," says Karen McHenry, Bellefaire JCB Homeless and Missing Youth program director. "Homeless youth do exist in Cleveland and we are excited that the green Terminal Tower will give homeless and missing teens a voice."

Bellefaire JCB's Homeless and Missing Youth program offers street outreach, victim services and emergency host homes. In the last six months their hotline has had double the typical calls.

Channel 3 went along today as a team left information on doors about how to help teens who may be homeless and what to do if an adult or teen are missing. Right now there are 62 young people under 21 missing in Cleveland.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call (216) 570-8010 24 hours a day.