After nearly two years in Afghanistan, a father has surprised his daughter with a present she'll never forget.

Nick Wilson has been serving with a National Guard Unit out of Sandusky and working as a medic with the Army Corps of Engineers.

"It's not easy. Time goes by really slow. You're sitting out there thinking about home," said Wilson.

Wilson arrived home Friday morning with flowers in hand. He's got ready to surprise his daughter, Makayla, for her 10th birthday.

She and her fourth-grade classroom at Hale Road Elementary had no idea.

'It's been like the night before Christmas every day this week. I couldn't wait for him to get home. I was tracking his plane because I knew how excited she was going to be. She had no idea, which was perfect," said Makayla's mom, Elizabeth Nemecek.

To add to the surprise, students were told that all the cameras were for their fourth-grade testing results.

And then they invited their guest speaker.

"Who else do we have out here?" asked the teacher.

In a split second a voice screams, "Daddy!"

"Happy birthday!" replied Wilson.

In an instant, Makayla's birthday wish came true.

She was stunned and speechless and already worried about her dad leaving again.

"When are you going home?" Makayla asked.

"I have two and a half weeks," Wilson replied.

It's not a long visit, but for Makayla, it couldn't have happened at a better time.