What was supposed to be a 6-year-old's party turned into a birthday brawl. Police arrested two people after a family fight broke out at The Jump Yard in North Royalton Saturday night.

Surveillance video shows the party starting with about 20 family members gathering in the party room.

But the mood changed when a couple left the room to find their tires slashed in the parking lot.

"They found their car damaged out in the parking lot, they came back to question the group in the party room as to what happened to their car," said detective David Loeding of the North Royalton Police Department.

Tempers flare. An argument breaks out. The person holding a small child in pink gets right in the middle as fists start flying.

A man rushes in to pull the little girl out of the fight. A staff member in a yellow T-shirt grabs another small child and pulls her to safety.

Just then, the first child runs back into the fight. The same staff member grabs her too while a woman is pulled to the ground, punched and kicked.

Police arrested two people, Marlow Knowles and Carolyn Standberry, for assault. Police say they're not the only ones guilty in this minute and a half melee.

"In a group like that, everyone plays a part in there I suppose to some degree. I'm glad there were not more," said Loeding.

Police say there was some tension in the family about who should and should not have been in invited, which may have led to the tire slashing.