Homelessness is not just an inner-city problem anymore.

Last week, the body of a man was found in the river in Cuyahoga Falls.

That tragedy sparked one local business to help other homeless people in the area.

The body was identified as a 51-year-old homeless man.

Pamela May and the folks at Gone Fishin' would often see homeless camped along the river as they ran charter fishing trips.

"It's just sad to see him go, seeing he was a part of their group," May said.

The tragedy has shed light on the suburban homeless and has prompted action.

"I heard that and I just couldn't sit idle by. I wasn't raised like that," May said.

So she cast a line out on Facebook, asking for donations and has had several bites.

"I've had a lot of support in this. A lot of people go 'I didn't know, I had no idea.' Well, now you know," she said.

Erica Ward with Family Promise says homelessness knows no boundary.

"The loss of a job, an illness, a death in the family. Nobody's immune from that," she said.

The man who died may never know what he started.

"I'm just going to keep going because I don't think its right to just do it for Thanksgiving," May said.

Hopefully, his friends will get the help they need.