BEACHWOOD, Ohio – C.W. Williams worked in home healthcare taking care of others, but never imagined she would one day be the one who needed to be taken care of. But this is a story showing how everything in life comes full circle.

Starting at the beginning, just 6-months before her breast cancer diagnosis, doctors found something during a routine mammogram. That something ended up being benign. But Williams knew something just wasn't right. She mentioned it to her doctor, who sent her for another mammogram just to ease her mind. Instead, the doctor found something else. This time it was cancer. Williams started treatment for right away.

Before her diagnosis, Williams, a home healthcare worker visited The Gathering place in Beachwood,

"Oh this is the nicest place. I'll keep this in mind if anyone ever needs it. I'll tell them to come here, certainly not me. I never thought that this would be what this is to me now," said Williams.

What the gathering place is to her now is a second home. Well into treatment, Williams was in need of some support. "I wasn't mentally or emotionally adjusting as well as I should," said Williams.

That's when she went to a local health fair and found the Gathering place once again.

"I came up to one class and I thought that it would be enough for me, and then friends started encouraging me to come to the yoga class," said Williams. Before she knew it, Williams was a regular in that yoga class, was taking cooking classes, and found the very support she needed.

"Once I got there and started talking and started listening to that people were saying and I thought that is what is happening to me," said Williams.

The Gathering Place's mission is to "support, educate and empower individuals and families touched by cancer through programs and services provided free of charge."

Some of their services include exercise classes, a free wig salon, massages and a medical library. They also hold several programs to educate people about cancer, its treatments, and its effect

Now 5 years later, Williams is cancer free. But she still calls the gathering place home and encourages others to call it home too. She's now the very person who goes to health fairs and encourages others to seek the support they need to battle cancer. Williams also holds a cancer support group at her church.

And that's not all. Through The Gathering Place, Williams offers advice to future doctors and nurse about bedside manners.

The Gathering Place is holding a fundraiser, "Compassion from Fashion" Saturday, November 23 at Beachwood mall from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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