MEDINA -- Sarah Hershberger and her parents are part of an Amish family fighting to keep her from being forced to get chemotherapy for her leukemia.

And they've been missing from their Homer Township home since late September.

There's been a legal battle between her care providers at Akron Children's Hospital and the Hershbergers over her treatments.

It's been a story that's gained attention in the national media, a potentially life-or-death battle involving parental rights, religious freedom and the medical community's effort to do what it thinks best for a young patient.

A guardian, who is a lawyer with medical training, was appointed to make decisions about Sarah's coverage and wants the chemotherapy treatments continued.

The Hershbergers believe the treatments do more harm than good and cause Sarah great suffering.

A website supporting the Hershbergers' wish to pursue natural and alternative treatments claims that Sarah left the country to get alternative natural treatment and is now cancer-free.

Her grandfather reiterated that claim in a YouTube video interview.

Her supporters are using the social media to make their case and raise money for the family.

Clair Dickinson,a lawyer for the guardian, told Channel 3 News. ""The indisputable medical evidence is without treatment she's likely to die within six months. Her last treatment was in June.

Dickinson claims a cab sent to pick up Sarah for an October treatment found her and her parents gone.

Akron Children Hospital's not commenting on the latest developments.

The Hershbergers' lawyer, John Oberholtzer was unavailable Friday. But in other reports, he claims he's been in touch with his clients about their future legal battles. But Oberholtzer claims he does not know where they are.

Medina county authorities are aware of the situation. But apparently it will take a judge's order for them to aggressively pursue tracking down the Hershbergers.

In the YouTube interview, her grandfather claims the Hershbergers want to come home to resume a normal life taking care of h Sarah and their other children.

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