CUYAHOGA FALLS -- Early Thursday morning, a man set off a small explosive device outside the Cuyahoga Falls post office.

Moments later, at 7:25 a.m. , 42-year-old Shane Fraley of Cuyahoga Falls walked in to the police department to turn himself in.

Only moments before, police say he'd set off the explosive device in a window well outside the post office on second street.

Police say Fraley acted alone and picked the post office at random.

Thankfully, the damage was minimal, only a broken out window and a small, burned area.

Police and the Summit County bomb squad then spent the morning searching the post office and the grounds for other devices.

Nothing else was found.

But neighbors, however, were left on edge.

Saying they heard the explosion and could even feel it in nearby buildings.

Fraley was arraigned this afternoon in Stow Municipal Court.

He has been charged with several felonies because the post office is a federal building.

Meanwhile, the Post Office is conducting their own investigation, so there may be more federal charges on the way.

The Post Office remained opened throughout the investigation as did neighboring businesses. No roads were closed and no evacuations were ordered as a result of the incident. No one was hurt.

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