CLEVELAND -- Fast food workers around the country are serving up more than hamburgers and fries.

On Thursday afternoon, they staged a nationwide protest to fight for higher wages.

They walked along sidewalks chanting, "Low pay is not ok."

"This isn't what America is about. We can do better. It's time for people to stand up and start fighting for their rights for a decent wage and a livable existence," said protester Kim Hill.

Workers say they can't make ends meet on a minimum wage of $7.85 an hour.

Instead, they want to almost double that to $15 and the right to organize a union.

"Work is important, we value work, work should pay. People shouldn't have to go on public assistance or work for starvation wages, so raise the wage," said protester Pamela Rosato.

It's a scene played out across the country as workers went on strike in 102 cities and held support rallies in 84 others, like Cleveland.

The fast food industry says doubling wages would have a crippling affect on consumers, forcing prices to skyrocket.

But workers say they don't believe it.

"The owners of these companies and CEO's have billions of dollars.That's not right," said protester Nina McLellan.

With signs in hand, supporters marched from McDonalds to Burger King and Taco Bell with a message – they say give back to the people who make these companies successful.

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