CLEVELAND -- Workers at a local McDonald's will be among a slew of fast food employees in 100 cities today who will be protesting their low wages.

The protests are being held to push for a higher pay as many are working for the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

The Bureau of labor statistics says the Median wage a for fast food worker is 9 bucks an hour which equates to 18,720 dollars a year.

Some fast food workers are requesting $15 an hour.

Congress is weighing in today as well. In a letter from Democratic members of to restaurant executives they are urging for higher wages saying, "Too many hard-working families are being forced to depend on poverty-level wages."

In response to the strikes, the National Restaurant Association issued a statement saying, "Dramatic Increases in a starting wage such as those called for in these rallies will challenge that job growth history, increase prices for restaurant meals, especially in the value segments, and lead to few jobs created."

The local protest is scheduled to begin at noon with community labor groups and faith leaders joining the strikers.

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