CLEVELAND -- He grew up in Warrensville Heights, moved to LA for a comedy career and watched the Cleveland reputation land a black eye with recent crime news.

That's around the time comedian Ricky Smith decided to come home and try to make a difference.

"Today is my 125th day of doing a random act of kindness a day, so I'm addicted," Smith told Channel 3. "I literally can't stop doing random acts of kindness."

We joined him as he handed out a dozen and a half blankets to the homeless of Cleveland on Thursday night.

"I'm a comedy writer for television, that's what pays the bills -- but coming out here and meeting and helping these people has a warming effect."

He started a program known as R.A.K.E. -- Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere.

It isn't limited to clothing the homeless -- he is OK with paying it forward by paying for the coffee for the person behind him, or bringing a case of water to those whose home was destroyed.

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