NORTH CANTON -- Two infant-sized skeletal remains have been found in a foot locker in North Canton.

Police were called to North Main Street Monday afternoon after a man cleaning out his deceased mother's home found the sealed foot locker. The man says when he and his cousin opened the foot locker they discovered what they thought to be the skeletal remains of an infant inside and called police.

A coroner's investigator was called in to assist and transferred the remains back to the Stark County Coroner's Office for further examination. The coroner's investigator determined the remains were human and that there were two infant skeletal remains in the box.

The police chief says it's not clear how old the remains are but that it doesn't appear the children died recently. He says the remains were in a plastic bag that was in the locker with a small blanket.

Investigators searched the home but found nothing else noteworthy.

The skeletal remains will be sent to the Anthropology Department of Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA for extensive forensic examination.

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