CLEVELAND -- The grandmother of two little girls killed in a fire says she believes another crime may have led to the home invasion and arson.

"That person who do this … I don't know who you are, I don't know why or so. But just go to the police and give up yourself," pleaded Maxine Wallace.

At a time when it seems nothing can help put Maxine Wallace's world together again, she's hoping for justice.

Her granddaughters, 2-year-old Peaches Christburg and 7-year-old Glacia Ramsey, died in fire last week.

Their aunt, who was baby sitting, made it out alive. She told police a man forced his way into the apartment, keeping her in a bathroom.

Wallace thinks the home invasion and the fire could stem from a robbery that happened outside the home on Dec. 6.

A Cleveland police report says her daughter, Sashana Chysler, was robbed at gunpoint on her porch -- the unknown suspect taking her purse, with keys and cash inside. He fled to a car, where another passenger fired two warning shots as they sped off.

"We didn't change the lock," said Wallace. "They found the purse around the corner. It has to be somebody that knows us."

"It's like a set up. I don't know. That's how I want the police to find who did this and killed my two granddaughters," she said.

Wallace says her daughter is nearly suicidal with grief. The family is planning two funerals while they hope police are doing their work as well.

"The police should look at the lock. That door cannot break," said Wallace. "I don't know how I'm going to live without them. I just want the police stuff to find out. To find everything that they need to find. And find this killer."

Arrangements for the funeral are being handled by Lucas Memorial Chapel. Service times have not been set.

A fund is in place under the girl's names at Key Bank locations.

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