LORAIN -- After 11 months in Afghanistan, 94 members of the Ohio Army National Guard are home -- just in time for the holidays.

Hundreds came out to welcome home members of 837th Engineer Company at Lorain High School.

"I waited nine months for him when I gave birth to him This wait was tougher," says Angela Paul, whose son Cory returned Monday. "I am so happy this is over, and I hope other families don't have to experience this."

Odds are, fewer families will experience it. With troops withdrawing from Afghanistan in upcoming years, the images of soldiers coming and going will be less common than over the last 12 years since 9/11.

"I tried not to watch too much coverage," Cory's brother, Charlie, told Channel 3 News. "I mostly learned about what was going on over there, and in Cory's world, by talking with him online."

His sister, Jessi, agrees.

"I probably talked with him more over there, than over here," she said.

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