BRATENAHL -- Bratenahl police have released the identity of a woman they say was assaulted and struck by a vehicle Sunday.

Gwendolyn "Pinky" Young, 27, of South Euclid is in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Monday police were looking for the hit-and-run driver.

"My sister is fighting, and I mean she's fighting hard for her life. And God is looking over her," said her sister, Tanesha Caldwell.

Those who love Young say justice is due for the man who put her in intensive care.

Young was in the car with her mother when they were struck in a minor head on collision on the Eddy Road overpass Sunday night.

"A minor fender bender that could have just been walked away from," said LaChelle Edwards. "None of this had to escalate to the point to where it is now."

Witnesses say Young approached the driver of the truck responsible for the wreck.

"Pinky thought she was getting his information. That's all we know," said Edwards.

When the man attempted to drive away, witness reports say she jumped on the driver's side of the truck bed and was still holding on as the truck continued down the ramp on Interstate 90 East.

Then the man stopped, got out of his truck and assaulted Young, knocking her to the ground. He then drove away, running over Young as he left the scene, police said.

Police agree with Young's family that this could be a case of road rage that escalated.

"Motor vehicle accidents typically cause road rage reactions, and that's exactly what this stemmed from," said patrolman Ryan Durand.

Officers haven't been able to hear Young's story yet due to her serious injuries, which were described in a police report as "possible internal injury" and "severe laceration."

The suspect was initially described as a medium build white man in his 40s. However, police say they have received conflicting reports about his description.

The suspect's truck was last seen headed east on I-90 from Eddy Road. The truck is described as a silver full-size pickup truck, possibly a Chevy Silverado. They believe it sustained front-end damage.

"Please. If you know who he is, or you know someone that knows him, please turn this monster in," said Caldwell.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Bratenahl Police Department at (216) 681-1234.

"Anything that could help my sister. My sister is too young to leave this earth. She's only 27," Caldwell said.

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