Every day St. Augustine Church in Cleveland serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to those less fortunate.

But Wednesday was something special.

Hundreds of volunteers come together on Christmas day to deliver and serve thousands of meals.

The inside of Pilgrim Congregational Church may look like Santa's workshop.

But these elves are actually local volunteers.

They were up early, packing 5,000 hot meals that will be delivered to needy people around the city.

One of the elves is Ghonda Shellsmith.

"This year to me wasn't about material things. It was about making sure I brought a smile to someone else's face," says Shellsmith.

Shellsmith will be dropping off meals to two families of six.

Meanwhile, Steve Eisenberg and his daughter, Sydney, were also busy packing up their car.

"It's always important to give back to the community, and our kids really wanted to do it," says Steve.

Sydney explains why she wanted to volunteer today, "Because they probably don't get a lot of presents, and they should have a warm meal."

And Sister Corita Ambro tells Channel 3 why she very much appreciates volunteers like Shellsmith and the Eisenbergs.

"Oh, we could never do it without them! But you know, they love it as much as I do. I love Christmas day, and I love to see all these people here, but the volunteers love it too," says Ambro. "This is extremely special. This is joy. This is bringing Christ into the world -- all these people coming and enjoying each other and all the volunteers; it's beautiful!"

And the 500 people who will be served thanks to the church and thanks to the volunteers, are very appreciative.

"I been coming here two to three years. Every year they do it, I been here, and it's excellent! I appreciate it. Everything they do, I appreciate it!" says Eric MacMillin.

In addition to working with "Meals on Wheels," St. Augustine also works with eight other centers throughout Cleveland to help serve needy families.

If you're interested in helping, the church is always looking for volunteers and donations.

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