GEAUGA COUNTY -- After nearly two months and an extensive search, a missing horse is back home.

For the owner, Jen Stevenson, it's been a long couple of months.

She didn't know where her horse, Peanut, was or why someone would even take him, so she turned to social media for answers.

One night in October, Stevenson says thieves broke into the barn and loaded Peanut onto a trailer.

Stevenson feared the worst.

"We never stopped looking. Constantly, we kept looking. We knew he had to be local just because he hadn't turned up at any of the sale barns. There were people all over looking for him, different states, every salesman, the meat buyers were looking for him," said Stevenson.

But in her heart, she knew Peanut was nearby.

She filed a report with the Geauga County Sheriff's Department and then went on Facebook to do a little investigating of her own.

She started searching mutual friends, which led her to a barn near a Geauga County park.

"I had a good feeling that morning and I said, "Let's see. Let's just check, I got a good feeling," said Jen's friend Dave Loudermilk.

With the help of deputies – Stevenson found Peanut inside, but not in the best of conditions.

"He was filthy, he was down about 150 pounds in weight, you could see his ribs."

And someone even carved a "D" and a backward "R" in his neck.

While she tries to figure out why this all happened, she's just glad to have Peanut home and on the road back to healthy.

"It's so nice to come in and have him home. It's nice to have him back."

The Geauga County Sheriff's Department says this is still an active case. They won't know if any charges will be filed until the investigation is complete.

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