CLEVELAND -- Starting late January, the Cleveland Browns will receive all medical services from University Hospitals.

It's a deal worth up to $30 million for 10 years.

That new contract marks the end of a 40-year deal between the Browns and the Cleveland Clinic.

So the question is, with two massive institutions calling it quits, how will this impact Cleveland?

"I don't think it worries me one way or the other," says Lexi Hotchkiss with Positively Cleveland.

She says Cleveland is on the upswing, and this contract switch will not affect tourists, nor the city.

"If anything else, this is a way to show Cleveland has a lot of great healthcare institutions. We are, in fact, the medical capitol of the United States."

That reputation also means a lot of money for our state.

The estimated economic impact of the Clinic alone is $10.5 billion, a number that shouldn't be affected whether they have a contract with the Browns or not.

And Hotchkiss adds, the new deal won't affect the growing number of people who want to visit Cleveland.

Last year, the city welcomed 15.6 million visitors -- a 5 percent increase from the year prior.

Jim Donovan discusses the deal:

And it's a trend that Hotchkiss believes will continue.

"We've still got our amazing arts and cultural scene, great sports teams, you've got theatre."

A spokesperson for the Cleveland Clinic says their contract with the Browns is up Jan. 31, 2014.

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