Massive propane shortages across Ohio are causing prices all over to spike.

While many consumers have been told the increase is due to supply and demand, some homeowners just aren't buying it, instead filing complaints with the Ohio attorney general's office.

"I was just really set back by the price of it. It's just ridiculous," said Fred Kelly, whose Chardon home runs on propane.

Five months ago Kelly was paying $1.80 a gallon for his propane, but now he says he is being asked to pay nearly $4.70 a gallon.

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"I realize the supply and demand of it and all that, but this is just outrageous," said Kelly. "It's like someone charging a hundred dollars for a sheet of plywood when a hurricane is coming."

Kelly claims when he questioned his propane provider about the recent spike he could not get any answers. He then quickly filed a complaint with the Ohio attorney general's office.

However, as Kelly's case and others involving alleged price gauging are now being investigated, many homeowners' hands remain tied.

"I can't fill my tank, and I can't even get another company to take me because they're not taking new customers, so I'm stuck with them so I have no choice but to pay whatever it is they're charging," he said.

With his propane tank now down to just 15 percent, Kelly estimates it would cost more than $1,500 dollars to fill it up. With no other options in sight, Kelly says he will probably cave in and get a partial refill while also relying on alternative heat like firewood to make it through the rest of winter.

"I don't think their prices are what they are, and they're drilling gas everywhere. Propane is a byproduct of it," he continued.

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