CLEVELAND -- The men behind two voices on the popular "Rover's Morning Glory" weekly show on WMMS will be back in court at 9 a.m. today.

Shane "Rover" French and Michael "Chocolate Charlie" Toomey are expected to appear for a final pre-trial hearing before the trial officially begins on May 20.

The duo face multiple charges, including assault and resisting arrest stemming from a July incident involving an off-duty police officer.

It was July 4 weekend when an officer claimed to have heard fireworks coming from French's boat and asked him to stop.

French and Toomey were reported to be highly intoxicated at the time and allegedly started shooting fireworks at the officer, almost hitting him.

The men then allegedly got into a shoving match with the officer as he stated he was a Cleveland police officer, showing his badge.

French is accused of pushing the officer.

Both French and Toomey have pleaded not guilty.

Shortly after the charges were filed, French turned to the airwaves calling the allegations against him "absolutely absurd."

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