ROCKY RIVER -- A man is recovering from injuries Friday evening after a freak accident on I-90 East in Rocky River.

A piece of debris flew through his windshield as he was driving on the highway Friday morning.

Channel 3 News obtained a copy of the police report, as well as the 9-1-1 call the driver placed to the Rocky River Police Department.

The man behind the wheel is 49-year-old Mark Mentzer of Oberlin. He was surprisingly calm on the phone and when police arrived on the scene, despite such a scare.

Mentzer thought a rock smashed into windshield, but it turned out to be a mysterious piece of metal leaving him bloodied with cuts on his face.

"There was a lot of blood, but he was able to talk about what happened and get into the ambulance and be transported," Rocky River Police Department Sgt. George Lichman said.

Mentzer was rushed to Fairview General Hospital while police tried to figure what the object was and where it came from.

"It could be part of a manhole cover, it could be part of a drain, we're just not sure," Lichman said.

What they do know is somebody probably didn't throw it. When officers investigated the scene, they didn't find any footprints on the overpass. It's also not a piece of the Hilliard bridge itself. ODOT confirmed that after analyzing the metal object. ODOT also told Channel 3 News that it has 15 managers patrolling assigned territories every day looking for dangerous debris in the road or shoulder, and that's exactly where this one probably came from, according to police.

"We think it's more likely it was on the road, and it got kicked up by a passing car or truck," Lichman said. "He definitely could have been hurt a lot worse than he was."

Mentzer has been released from the hospital. Channel 3 News tried calling him, but we couldn't get in touch.

His car is still in the police impound as they try to get some answers.

Police said if they can track down the metal object, and it turns out it did come from a truck carrying scrap or debris, the driver could face charges.

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