MEDINA -- It's true money doesn't fall from the sky, however all the snow Northeast Ohio has been pounded with this winter is adding up to a lot of overtime.

With service employees and plows having to work around the clock in many communities, thousands of dollars in overtime is now being paid out.

"It's definitely a lot more than we spent last year," admitted Keith Dirham the Director of Finance for the city of Medina.

According to Dirham, employees have already tallied more than 1,600 hours of overtime, which is more than double last year, amounting to nearly $55,000 in costs.

"Most of the guys are on comp (compensatory time) so the total is more like about $55,000 with overtime and comp combined," he further explained.

A large number, sure, but not out the budget because they plan for the worst but hope for the best.

"We budget out five years...we know going into it we're going to have probably an average of a couple tough ones (winters), a couple easy ones, and an average one," Dirham said. "You look at it one year at a time it looks really bad...over a longer term horizon it all averages out."

Similar increases in overtime can also be found in the City of Lorain where according to Robert Fowler, the City's Service Director, $59,000 in OT was racked up just last month.

Foster says it is a big spike compared to the $34,000 the city spent on OT last January and February.

Maureen Harper, a spokesperson for the City of Cleveland, says there is a million dollars in the budget set aside for overtime costs for street crews and they have not gone over budget yet.

However we were curious what taxpayers had to say about theses rising costs.

"I'd rather see the roads safe than have to deal with a lot of accidents," said Sandy Lev who lives in Medina. "It's ok with me because that's where our taxes should be going to keep us safe."

"The people come first I don't care if they spend $55,000 or $155,000...people deserve to be safe on the roads," added Karen Brundige.

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