Welcome to the Silver Grille...


CLEVELAND -- Above the sparkling slot machines and gobs of gamblers awaits a hidden gem filled with Cleveland nostalgia.

"A lot of 'oohs' and 'aahs' as the doors open and people walk in."

Taking a trip to the 10th floor feels like you've turned back the clock more than 80 years.

"It's totally like walking into a different time period."

No DeLorean necessary.

In fact, it's a place your parents probably remember visiting...

When taking over the former Higbee building, the Horseshoe Casino also inherited the old Silver Grille restaurant.

David Rabinsky, Director of social catering at the Ritz-Carlton Cleveland, says the Silver Grille has been restored to its original glory.

The chairs are the originals from when the Silver Grille first opened in 1931.

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"If you take a look at the scroll work on the back of it, it actually matches the cornices that are up on the ceiling above the fountain," Rabinsky says.

There are other features that might spark a memory.

"The fountain is kind of the centerpiece of the room," Rabinsky says. "When the restaurant opened, it was a goldfish pond."

Although there are no longer goldfish swimming inside, the fountain -- which still spurts water out of four lion heads -- is using the original fountain.

The history extends right into the posh restrooms.

"The ladies room has a parlor as you enter, with yellow painted tables from 1931, the originals."

Despite keeping many original elements Rabinsky says the space has gone through several updates.

"Many viewers would remember the space with a very floral, bold-patterned, wetlook wallpaper from the 70s and a gazebo and railing around the fish pond."

One thing Rabinsky says Clevelanders will certainly remember are the ways in which kid's meals were presented.

"Children's meals were served in this little cardboard stove," Rabinsky explains. "You'd open the oven door, and inside might be your miniature pot pie."

In 2002, the National Registry of Historic Landmarks helped to restore the space.

"The carpet in the room, the fixtures on the ceiling, this was all crafted based on pictures in the archives of what it looked like when it opened."

And though Higbee's is long gone, it will never be forgotten.

"Higbee Department store was so good about putting there logo on so many different things," Rabinsky adds. "It's branded into everything, so you definitely know where you are."

Today, the Silver Grille is still treating new guests to its lavish style.

"Great memories are made in here, almost on a weekly basis."

The Ritz-Carlton uses it as a banquet hall, perfect for galas or weddings, sometimes with a little historic connection.

And even if some of us weren't around for its heyday, good style is ageless.

"I think it's gained notoriety with a younger generation as a beautiful historic space."

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WKYC's Eric Sever contributed to this report

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