Glyn Watts never actually medaled, but he's left a mark in the ice and on countless students in Northeast Ohio.

Watts hasn't competed on the ice in awhile, but his eye is as sharp as ever.

"This will be good for you, a little bit of pressure," Watts shouts, to a student in the ice.

Watts competed on the 1976 British Olympic team in Ice Dancing.

It was the first time that sport became an Olympic event, but it was pretty low profile back then.

"Unfortunately, because of that, our event was on at the same time as the opening ceremony," says Watts.

Because of that, Watts didn't even get to walk with his fellow Brits.

So many athletes, so many sports.

To Watts, the Olympics were and are very different from every other competition.

"It's a great achievement to make it, but when you get there, you're a pin on an elephant's bottom, as far as I'm concerned,"says Watts.

But today, Watts is much more, even though he clearly still has the same sense of humor.

He's also a sought-after teacher and coach in Strongsville and Lakewood.

One of his students even won a bronze medal in Salt Lake City.

But perhaps his greatest claim to fame? Ask him about his "racy" ice routine from back in the day. Watts says he and his partner were one of the first couples to kiss at the end of their performance.

"Yeah, yeah, we were one of the first. They all do it now. Yeah, I'm famous for something, hahaha!" says Watts.

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